The starting point of the Mansutti S.p.A. is relating to pursuing and serving the interests of its clients.
Since 1925 Mansutti S.p.A., counted among leading Italian independent insurance brokers, has a position of prominence in the insurance industry and for more than eighty years it has been and still is a synonymous with reliability.
Mansutti s.p.a. is presently accredited by Lloyd's of London and is the cover holder of this important British market. Moreover, Mansutti attends to its clients’ International activities through correspondent offices based in more than 50 countries.

The Group is presently one of the most esteemed Italian insurance brokers, and provides Businesses,  Entities, Professionals and Individuals with proficient and timely services, the harvest of a strategy that is focused on closely attending to each Customer.

Clients on which this firm is focused are multinational companies (for which insurance coverage can be provided also for plants based abroad), artisan enterprises and professionals. Clients include important listed companies and National Entities. Mansutti has professional relationships with over 80 primary Insurance Companies in Italy and abroad, and with re-insurance Brokers. It continues to give a good account of the professional quality of its services, by continuously engaging in two fundamental business lines.
The former is relating to the study and development of insurance products suited to provide adequate coverage also for situations and risks with particular characteristics, against which the standard models made available by insurance companies would prove inadequate. The latter is relating to casualties, for which Mansutti undertakes to attend to the timeliness of indemnification and the adequacy thereof, by carefully monitoring the obligations of insurers.

The company’s organization is such that enables the company to provide professional and timely services as part of the analysis of risks which may be incurred by customers, and to identify any tools suited to minimise their extent. All collaborators of the company have a considerable experience developed also abroad within large insurance companies, some of them are third-generation insurers, attentive to any market evolution, able to provide services developed exclusively with the largest insurance companies through a careful selection of the most efficient and cost-effective guarantees. .

The company’s employees have been selected on the basis of their specific experience and personal attitude towards Customer relations, which enable them to use this modern organization to best advantage, for both existing and future insurance policies. Since more than 10 years, Mansutti is using a total optical archive system for its documents so that a quicker service can be provided. All of which enables the company to keep constant quality contacts with over 10,000 customers. This way of thinking and acting rewarded the company with a more than prestigious award: ISO 9000 Quality System Certificate on which Mansutti obviously prides itself as it also includes the design (and not only the provision) of insurance services. For these reasons, Mansutti is able to provide qualified advisory services and to accurately manage any insurance requirements of Customers.

Services include:

  • Analysis of risks which Customers are faced with through specific studies.
  • Analysis of existing insurance contracts, highlighting any contrasts between the reality of risks and the insurance policies in place. The existence of any multiyear contracts, or contracts expiring after the starting date of brokerage engagement (for example whenever the broker is replaced during the period of validity of the agreement), does not interfere with the provision of advisory and brokerage services, however always with no charges for Customers.
  • Development of an "Insurance Project" and preparation of contracts considered most suited to the types of risks detected.
  • Analysis of areas where self-insurance, which means undertaking the related risks, may prove providential.
  • Development of the "Insurance Project" approved by Customers, by selecting insurance companies on the basis of their technical specialisation and efficiency.
  • Administrative management of policies, by monitoring their date of expiry and assuring a timely coverage and any necessary updating thereof.
  • Assistance in case of accident to assure a fast and fair liquidation of damage, in addition to any legal assistance necessity.

A special ICCR Insurance Compliance and Cost Review service is provided for our network, enabling Customers to attain, even through their present insurer, savings on the cost of insurance policies, in addition to checking whether risks have been properly transferred to insurers.