"Professionisti In House" encompasses and wants to convey the intention of a group of leading business operators in their industry, to present themselves to the world of business with a more modern and up-to-date approach. Italian or foreign public and private businesses are given the opportunity of relying on an organization comprised of a primary domestic credit institution, two reputed public accountants’ firms, a renowned law firm, the fourth largest Italian insurance broker and the fifth largest audit firm at a global level.

Advisory and, in general, corporate services are provided in a manner that optimises all of these aspects while assuring:

- the professional skills of excellence of the partners of this initiative; - the capability of adjusting fees, and therefore the costs for clients, to the present market situation; - the availability and will of professionals involved to “work in house” and therefore to “live” the life of clients;

“Professionisti In House” comes forward with this new, first-ever approach in the Italian scenario, where entrepreneurs may decide to engage one or more professionals who are part of the project and where the synergies between the professional functions employed may turn out to be the harbinger of further improvements on the performance of any business activities carried out by clients.

This model is dedicated to private businesses: SMEs and also medium and large enterprises. The partners of Professionisti In House have remarkable professional curricula and therefore adequate organisation, human resources and know-how to serve the most varied needs of businesses, ranging from auditing and certifying financial statements, corporate and tax planning, development of Models pursuant to Law 231, a large variety of banking services that also include factoring and leasing, to monitoring and comparing insurance costs incurred by businesses.

This approach is also intended for public bodies and partly state-owned entities, where their expertise enables Professionisti In House to step up as professionals suited and qualified to participate in calls for tenders and/or bids and direct call-outs for any professional interventions of an extraordinary nature.

Finally, this approach is also suited to foreign companies based in Italy or in the process of moving to Italy, subsidiaries, branches or representation offices. As in other cases of businesses that may be potential recipients of their services, Professionisti In House may with yet stronger reasons be the interlocutor within which all the key skills necessary and useful to solve business issues should be sought.